Music Producer Mixing Recording Engineer

Hey I'm Steffan, I'm a producer, recording engineer and mixer, and I wanna help you make your favourite record

I record and mix indie, rock and pop bands

As a music producer, on numerous occasions Ive worked artists from the ground up who have barely released a song before, who then went to achieve tens and tens of millions streams , toured the world and achieve regular radio and tv placement. I’ve worked on hundreds of songs, whether it’s in the studio, song writing, as a music producer or recording & mixing engineer.

My main goal is to help you make your favourite record.  I want you to have the confidence that the production will serve your song, and that it sounds like the way you have envisioned it in your head.

Having been in bands, as a member or a session musician, I’ve played gigs all around the world and played on other peoples records, so I am completely empathetic to the process. I understand how frustrating it is when it doesn’t’ sound right.

I feel really proud to work with music as a job, and love helping out artists to produce & create their vision.


lets make music.