I produce & mix records
for artists who want
loud & energetic songs

Hey I'm Steffan, I'm a producer, recording engineer and mixer, and I wanna help you make your favourite record

On numerous occasions Ive worked artists from the ground up who have barely released a song before, who then went to achieve streams upwards of 22,000,000, and set fire on the radio (Not actual fire, Im all for health and safety :p). Ive worked on hundreds of songs, wether its in the studio, song writing,producing or mixing.

My main goal is to help you make your favourite record. You know that feeling you used to have as a kid, when you would hear a new piece of music, and it actually tears your head off? Thats what I want for your record. I feel really proud to call this my dayjob, and love helping out artists to create their vision

Having been in bands, as a member or a session musician, I’ve played gigs all around the world and played on other peoples records, so what I’m saying is : Im completely empathetic to the process.

 You write some songs, you are your favourite band (or at least you should be!?) You have these babies that you are completely protective over and you want them done justice. I will do whatever it takes to make your vision come alive. Ive never personally met a Saint, but I’ve been told many times that I have the patience of one, and nothing makes me more exited than helping an artist make a record that they proudly release into the stratosphere.